A new-generation screening solution that greatly improves accuracy and efficiency of security screening processes worldwide 


€22 Billion / Year

It is estimated that yearly 22 Billion Euro is spend on security screening in international trade and travel by air. For 75 Billion parcels and 4 Billion passengers  traveling around the world.

100% screening requirements

International regulations state that 100% of all parcels and baggage transported by air need to be screened for security risks. 

> 20% of illicit materials undetected

As there is no screening method that can achieve the screening requirements while keeping up with the growing capacity of international trade and travel, they routinely miss illicit items during security processes. In fact, more than 20 per cent of parcels containing illicit goods are not detected and pose a significant threat to society. 

Coventional screening methods are not sufficient

Although security screening methods have evolved significantly, there are still several shortcomings. Current methods have their limitations. Leading to additional workload, human interference and a significant slowdown of the process. This results in additional costs and a tradeoff between throughput and safety. 


Making the world a safer place by providing better security screening tools

Dynaxion's scanner will revolutionize security screening on a global scale. It enhances efficiency of current security screening processes by delivering a non-invasive and fully automated scanner. The scanner combines both shape detection and chemical composition analysis in a single instrument, whereas standard solutions are often invasive and are based on either chemical composition analysis or shape detection. Dynaxion’s disruptive security scanners solve the security challenges international trade and travel are facing today.