Enabling efficient and sustainable food production by creating a new-generation soil scanning solution


Food x2 by 2050

Due to the growing population, by 2050 10 Billion people have to be fed worldwide. This results in a doubling amount of food needed by 2050, compared to 2018. There is an urgent need to produce food more efficiently and effectively.

Global precision agriculture market

The precision agriculture market will grow with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 14% annually, and is expected to reach 10 Billion Euro in 2025. Technologies are increasingly being developed and applied in agriculture. 

Sustainability goals

Agriculture is the #1 factor of deforestation, and also leads to other sustainability issues such as large dead zones in the oceans. These issues are recognized in the sustainable development goals of the UN: world hunger, life on land and below water, and climate action. 

Current soil analysis methods

Crop yield is highly affected by soil quality. To have optimal yield, plants need the optimum amount of nutrients. Current soil analysis (such as soil sampling and satellite inspection) are very crude, conducted after plant growth, and/or labour intensive. 


Increasing global food production by providing detailed soil data

Dynaxion delivers a high precision soil scanning solution. The scanner is fully automated and delivers a high resolution, full spectrum nutrients analysis. The acquired soil data will enable accurate and precise fertilization. Applying the right amount of fertilizer to the right parts of the acre results in decreased use of fertilizer, and a significantly higher yield per acre. Less use of fertilizer consequently leads to less costs and a lower climate impact. All together, this leads to sustainable food production.